Management solutions

the foundation to safety and reliability

Our management solutions are designed for a comprehensive approach to plane care.  These services come standard for our Private Air Travel Solutions clients and may be broken out for those plane owners and managers that just need some assistance in certain areas.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance is essential to any flight operation.  Preventative maintenance and a well thought out care program is imperative to anyone who  expects a reliable and safe operation.  Without this type of care in place, reliability and safety are compromised resulting in missed flights, extended maintenance visits and more expensive per hour cost to operate the asset.

Basic categories of a Preventative Maintenance Care Program:

  • Implementation of critical parts life limited items and replacement schedules.
  • Implement and maintain factory continuous inspection program.
  • Federal Regulation compliance.
  • Federal Authorization compliance.
  • Manufacture compliance.
  • Avionics Database compliance.
  • Continued airworthiness and Supplemental Type Certificate compliance.
With these basic principles in place, adding flight crew properly trained to recognize maintenance and performance changes allows pre-failure identification and instant remedy procedures.
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Administrative support services

Supporting a plane doesn't stop at the maintenance and piloting.  There are numerous other pieces to the puzzle and we make that worry free.  Our administration services solutions manage the follow items:

  • Hangaring leases and payments.
  • Insurance procurement, enforcement and payment.
  • Crew training from initial to recurrent and cost control.
  • Navigation, weather and customs accounts and subscriptions.
  • Internal and external invoicing for utilization by lease.
  • Financial efficiency, tracking and auditing.
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