Charter Solutions allows you the opportunity to use private aircraft for convenient purposes.

  • Take the family on vacations, excursions, special events, or to see extended family.
  • Use the plane as a business tool; see remote locations, clients, and prospects. Explore future business opportunities.
  • Arrange for golf trips; skiing, hiking, hunting and fishing trips; take your friends and split the costs.

With Let's Go Air, your travel experiences are only limited by your imagination.

Whether it be for business or leisure, your destinations await. Contact us so we can help you arrive in luxury, with efficiency. 


Looking for the economy of a turboprop, but the legroom and comfortability of a jet? Look no further than the King Air 200. Spacious and quiet, this aircraft best serves small to medium distance trips.

  • Seats 6 very comfortably, and up to 7 passengers.
  • Air Conditioned.
  • Flushing Lavatory.
  • Range of 1,200 miles.
  • Cruise Speed of 325 mph.
  • Max Cruising Altitude of 35,000.
  • Best suited for up to 800-mile trips.

To learn more about this plane you may contact us anytime by phone, email or our for "more information form."  We look forward to speaking with you.