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Whether you travel for business or pleasure, commercial air travel just gets more frustrating every day.  Commercial air travel is comprised of Airlines, Charter companies and most Jet Card companies.  Airlines fly to their predetermined destinations and hope you buy a seat on their plane.  TSA then provides you a degrading body and property search.  After waiting a few hours for a plane to take you to an airport hundreds of miles from your destination to wait on another plane to take you near your destination.  All awhile you're praying your flight will not be delayed or cancelled.

Private air travel provides its users the luxury of immediate plane side boarding, flights directly to an airport with an average 15 minute drive to your destination, and plane side ground transportation upon arrival.

Learn more about how we make these incredible methods of private air travel simple, safe and effortless by visiting our "Travel Solutions" page.

Operational Solutions provides commercial flight crews, trip planning, ground transportation and any amenities desired on the plane.  These professionals insure you have no worries along your trip.  Simply sit back, relax and concentrate on what's most important to you.  To learn more about this and our other pilot services go to our "Operational Solutions" page.

Plane ownership can be a daunting task.  In order to maintain the highest levels of safety and reliability, a plane must receive a well thought out preventative maintenance and care program in addition to compliance with all manufacturers requirements,  Federal Aviation and Department of Transportation Regulations.  This is not for the amateur plane owner.  Whether you currently own a plane or would like to purchase a plane, this service is a must.  To learn more about this essential service visit our "Management Solutions" page.